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What all do we provide?

Compliance Guidance

Our team of experts are always there to assist you with compliance of the platforms and to educate you regarding the same.

Whitelisted Assets

Your domains and pages are pre-approved, ensuring that media channels won't find anything suspicious later on and randomly ban the account.

No warmup Periods

Scaling ad accounts does not require any warmup periods. Get your ad account and start scaling the same day. No hiccups!

Easy Payments

We welcome payments via bank transfers, credit cards, Wise, Relayfi, Airwallex, Payoneer and Revolut for your convenience. So you are never short on funds due to delayed transfers.

Overall Growth

We are not just an agency ad account provider but your overall e-commerce growth strategist. We can help you with multiple tailored solutions.

Dedicated A.M.

With your subscriptions comes dedicated account managers who are there to assist you with anything that comes up during your cooperation with us.

Self-Serve Software

We have our own self service software where you can manage your routine tasks like Account & Balance top ups, transfers etc.

Multiple Partners

We have partnerships with Meta Partners worldwide, offering you flexibility and a variety of choices across different countries & features.

Our Partners

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No top up Fees
Be it 1 ad account or 10, you do not need to pay any commissions on your top ups. Complimentary Bulletproof structure as well.
On the total ad spends, you get an additional cashback of 2%. Spending on Ads is now Rewarding. T&C Apply
1 Plan for all
This 1 plan covers your fees across multiple platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Bing & More.

How Does It Work ?

The onboarding process includes invoicing, initial payment, contract setup, and establishing a communication channel.
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Our support team assists with software sign-ups and helps in submitting requests for new ad accounts.
The entire process, including getting a new ad account, is usually completed in under 24 hours. Ready to scale!

FAQs - Your Inquiries, Our Clear Answers

How long does it take to get started?

After you get onboarded, you will make your first deposit and request for your ad account. Once done, it takes 24-48 hours for the ad account issuance. Depending on the Partner you're choosing at the time of requesting the ad account.

Can I do top ups 24/7?

Yes, our team, spread across various time zones, enables us to offer almost 24/7 top-ups. There's always someone online to address your requests, ensuring uninterrupted scaling and steady cash flow management.

How do I get support?

Each client has a dedicated Slack channel with their Account Managers for direct support, along with access to a self-service helpdesk. This helpdesk covers various processes like new ad account requests, account top-ups, appeals, transfers, and purchasing Facebook assets, among others.

How many ad accounts can I get?

There is no limit on how many ad accounts you can get. This totally depends on your monthly ad spends and if you're complying with Media Channel's Policies. If everything is good, there is no limit.

Can I pay with credit card?

Yes, we provide you the option to top up your ad account using your credit cards through Stripe. Please note there's an extra processing fees on all top ups made through Stripe.

I have been banned before, can you help?

We provide support even if you've faced prior bans or Facebook issues. We assist in understanding and rectifying problems. Additionally, we can connect you with resources for replacements if you've lost your personal profile, Business Manager, or Page.

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