Guarantee & Warranty (Business Managers)

  • November 26, 2023

Guarantees Offered with Business Manager Purchases

1. Should the invite link to the Business Manager expire within 48 hours, we will promptly provide a new link. Please note that these invite links have a set expiration time if not used within the designated period.

2. In the event that the Business Manager becomes restricted, disabled, or faces a reduction in limits within 24 hours before any actions are taken on your part, we will replace it without delay.

3. If the verification status of the Business Manager is revoked within a span of 7 days, a replacement will be issued. This applies specifically to Business Managers that have been verified with original documents.

Cases when we can't Replace a Business Manager:

1. If credit or debit cards are added to the ad account or Business Manager.

2. If ads have already been put out using any ad account under the Business Manager.

3. If there have been big changes made to the Business Manager (except for changing its name).

4. If any pages have been made using the Business Manager.

5. If a domain name has been added and checked under the Business Manager.

6. If you've already made one or more ad accounts with your Business Manager.

Reasons We Cannot Replace the Business Manager:

1. We don't have information about the status or reliability of the payment methods you've added to the Business Manager or ad account. We can't tell which ones are problematic or acceptable.

2. We don't have control over the ads you place on your ad accounts, and they might not follow Facebook's advertising rules.

3. If you've had previous bans for regularly breaking rules, the domains you're using with the new Business Manager might be marked as spam or be watched by Facebook.

4. We can't resell Business Managers that have been used or are risky, because you would expect a new, untouched Business Manager, not one that someone else has already had issues with.

5. The Business Manager was in good condition when we sent it to you. Any problems that came up after you started using it will not be our responsibility.

Key Points to Understand:

1. We do not offer refunds for delivered assets. It's common in advertising that some assets might get restricted, but requesting a refund in such cases is not standard practice. We provide free replacements for assets within their warranty period, but no refunds.

2. Once we deliver the assets, clients are entirely responsible for them. We cannot be held accountable for any restrictions, bans, or glitches that occur within Facebook. We can't continuously provide replacements, as the management and usage of these assets by clients or Facebook's actions are beyond our control.

3. The invite link for the Business Manager will not be available after three days from the delivery date. It's advisable to have backups of the Business Managers in different profiles. This ensures that if your primary profile encounters issues, you can still access the Business Manager from an alternate account.

Our Commitment to Long-Term Support

When you're looking for a service provider, it's good to check out different options. We believe we're different because we offer better support and promises than others. We've been working in this industry for almost five years, so we really know what we're doing.

Take a look around, and you might notice that other providers might not give you the same kind of promises we do. Also, they might not help you much after they've delivered your order. But with us, we care about what happens after we deliver. We like to keep helping our customers and stay in touch, not just finish the job and forget about it.

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