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How Does It Work ?

Our team will figure out how much feedback you'll need to bump up your page score and after that, we'll give you a quote based on our analysis.
As soon as you give the green light on the quote, our team gets started working on the project.
Typically, it takes about a week for the score boost to happen, with updates rolling out every Wednesday from Facebook.

Frequently Ask Questions

Can I expect quick results?

We’re transparent about our feedback process, increasing page score within 1 week is not a good solution to pro-long page. We see best long-term results from clients who follow our advice of consistent adding of feedbacks. Immediate results are unrealistic and pumping large volumes in short amount of time can raise red flags to facebook. There are other also other factors that we always take into account when onboarding you.

What's the right time to start using the feedback service?

It's a good idea to reach out to us when your page score dips below 3. Why? Because a score under 3 can start messing with your ad performance. And here's a pro tip: if you're planning to scale up your business, start collecting feedback early. Think of it as a safety net, keeping your page's health in check while you grow.

Can you help if my page has been restricted

If your page has hit a snag and been restricted, we've got your back. We can help you appeal the restriction, and guess what? We've got a pretty impressive success rate of 90%.

How can I be sure the feedback has been completed?

For each pack of feedback you order, we provide video proof. That's right, we'll send you screen recordings showing the feedback in action. So, you can totally trust us to show you that we've got everything handled.

Do I get a warranty with my package?

We provide a one-month warranty. Here's the deal: if your score doesn't go up within a month after you start working with us, and you've been following all our feedback advice to the letter, we'll give your feedback page an extra boost, and it won't cost you a dime.

Why can't I just start over with a new page and domain? Is that a good business strategy?

Actually, that might not be the best move. Here's why: if you start fresh, you'll lose all the valuable data your pixel has collected so far. This includes your followers, video views, website visits, people who've liked and commented on your page, and any other social proof you've built up. This data is super important because it's stored with Facebook, which uses it to show your ads to people who are more likely to buy. So, sticking with your current page usually makes more sense to keep that precious data working for you.